About Startup Coffee

A weird coffee person AND a software startup founder, combined.

Hi friends,

I'm Ken Wallace, and I'm happy to bring you Startup Coffee.

Like most of you, I've been working hard for years to grow an independent online startup that I can call my own, one that I can nurture into a solid company that helps feed my family and fuel our dreams.

If that sounds familiar, then this coffee is for you.

I know, because I'm drinking it, too, while I grow my bootstrapped SaaS business.

I think I know the question you're probably asking...

If I'm building a SaaS, when do I have any time to start a... [checks notes] ...coffee roasting business?

My mastermind group gave me the same puzzled looks.

Well, truth is, I don't. So I didn't.

I didn't go out and invest in six figures of coffee roasting equipment and training. I didn't spend the years necessary to really get great at understanding the subtle nuances of the one-part science, two-parts artistry that is specialty coffee roasting.

Here's what I did instead...

I partnered with an amazing, third-generation coffee roaster to bring you great-tasting, freshly-roasted specialty coffee. Coffee is not only in their family, it's practically in their blood.

Our roaster develops relationships with small coffee farmers to get the most ethically-sourced small-batch, specialty coffee available. The coffee is roasted fresh for you when you order.

I'm proud to bring this coffee to you. I've been enjoying it, and I hope you will, too. Won't you take this journey with me?

Let's share some coffee together — virtually, of course — and talk about growing our businesses.

Maybe we can help each other learn a thing or two along the way. :)

Try some coffee, let me know what you think.



Who Is Startup Coffee For?

We say startup founders, which casts a really wide net. Truth is: anyone building products online is our people.

They call themselves indie makers, indie hackers, entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners.

Whatever they're calling themselves, they're striving day in and day out to make their dream a reality.


More about Ken Wallace 

Ken Wallace is currently VMware Product Manager at Liquid Web, where previously, Ken served as Product Innovation & Marketing Manager, and GM of WP Sandbox. Prior to joining Liquid Web, Ken spent 18 years as VP Business Solutions at Nova Libra, a Chicago-area web development agency. Ken is founder of MastermindJam, an online community helping startup founders join peer groups for accountability and feedback as they grow their businesses.