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Brown sugar, dried fruit, cocoa


This coffee is for you.

Since you're a startup founder building an online business, you already know that so much of what you do each day is fueled by coffee.

As a BOOTSTRAPPED founder, you’re wearing a lot more hats (maybe even ALL the hats), because you’re doing more with less

Hi, I'm Ken, and I get where you’re coming from. 

I'm happy to bring you Startup Coffee — connecting online business owners with the coffee they love.


BOOTSTRAPPED BLEND is our most versatile coffee blend, perfect for bootstrapped startup founders.

Our BOOTSTRAPPED BLEND is a unique espresso blend with what we feel is the perfect balance of a rich cocoa body, dried fruit, and crisp citrus notes.

This blend is a jack of all trades, because bootstrappers have to wear all the hats, all the time. Good no matter how you're grinding, no matter how you're brewing

Of course, BOOTSTRAPPED BLEND was developed for espresso, but it's also wonderfully rich and dynamic using other brew methods. 

Medium-dark roast, with notes of brown sugar, cocoa, and a hint of dried fruit.

Washed, wet hulled-process, whole bean, freshly roasted coffee.

Here's why our coffee is so special...

I've partnered with a third-generation coffee roaster to bring startup founders like you and me great-tasting, freshly-roasted specialty coffee.

Our roaster finds the most ethically-sourced small-batch, specialty coffee available. The coffee is roasted fresh for you when you order.

I'm proud to bring this coffee to you and I hope you'll give it a try