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Roast Level

Guatemala, El Regalito

Notes of
Candy Bar, Buttery Smooth, Raisin



This coffee is for you.

Since you're a startup founder building an online business, you already know that so much of what you do each day is fueled by coffee.

No matter if you're working on your business full-time or it's just a side project in your nights & weekends — this coffee is for you.

NIGHTS & WEEKENDS is perfect for all us startup founders working on our side hustle at night, after the day job, in their nights and weekends time.

Late nights, early mornings, weekends blurring into weekdays. It's a grind. We get it. This blend is for you.

Our NIGHTS & WEEKENDS is a medium roast Guatemalan coffee, perfect for folks putting in long hours growing their startup. 

Father and son Arturo and Vielmann Villatoro formed Finca Los Angeles in 1980, and their coffee is grown on 98 out of the 120 hectares that encompass this northern Guatemala farm straddling both sides of a sheer ridgeline. If you look from that ridgeline to the northwest, you can almost see Mexico across the wide valley.

Luckily, most of the Villatoro land is covered in shade trees to protect the Bourbon, Caturra, and Maragogype coffee plants below.

Arturo Villatoro and his son Vielmann use pure mountain spring water to process their coffee, resulting in a spectacular example of a high grown Guatemalan coffee. For 11 years Vielmann lived and worked in Los Angeles. After saving enough money he left the US, returned to Guatemala, married his wife, and bought more land to grow coffee alongside his father Arturo.

Medium roast, with notes of candy bar, buttery smooth, raisin. 

Washed-process, whole bean, freshly roasted coffee.

Here's why our coffee is so special...

I've partnered with a third-generation coffee roaster to bring startup founders like you and me great-tasting, freshly-roasted specialty coffee.

Our roaster finds the most ethically-sourced small-batch, specialty coffee available. The coffee is roasted fresh for you when you order.

I'm proud to bring this coffee to you and I hope you'll give it a try.