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Roast Level

El Salvador, Los Cipreses

Notes of
Sweet Citrus, Dark Caramel, Roasted Nuts


TABER’S ODDEST SHARK is a brand new coffee from El Salvador, from a family farm called Los Cipreses, run by German Zelayandia and his wife. 

After cupping through many samples from other local El Salvador coffee farmers, this coffee stood out. This single-origin coffee is sweet, crisp, and silky smooth.

This coffee is sweet and citrusy, with underlying flavors of caramel and roasted nuts. It’s easy to drink and a great anytime coffee.


About the Name
TABER'S ODDEST SHARK is a fond tribute to Mr. Mike Taber, who worked for years to grow Audit Shark before eventually shutting it down.

Audit Shark ... ODDEST SHARK
(Get it?)

Mike Taber is now the founder of BlueTick, which helps business owners scale their outreach campaigns.

Mike shares his entire journey on the Startups For The Rest of Us Podcast he co-hosted with Rob Walling.

Mike (@singlefounder on Twitter) is co-founder of MicroConf, a conference and online Slack community for independently-funded online business owners.

Mike is co-founder of FounderCafe, a community forum for bootstrapped SaaS founders.

“Mike has done so damn much to inspire online startup founders like me, that it's the least we could do but to name a coffee after him. Cheers Mike, and thank you!” — Ken Wallace

Medium roast, with notes of sweet citrus, dark caramel, and a hint of roasted nuts. 

Washed-process, whole bean, freshly roasted coffee.

Here's why our coffee is so special...

I've partnered with a third-generation coffee roaster to bring startup founders like you and me great-tasting, freshly-roasted specialty coffee.

Our roaster finds the most ethically-sourced small-batch, specialty coffee available. The coffee is roasted fresh for you when you order.

I'm proud to bring this coffee to you and I hope you'll give it a try.